Teenage Counselling Central Coast 

Central Coast Teenage Counselling Service is situated in Copacabana with Kate who is an experienced and intuitive therapist with many years of experience.

All Counselling can be done by video or phone. Contact Kate for details.

 Teenage Counselling Central Coast Services

Intuitive Counselling offers a variety of Central Coast counselling services for local residents.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to say out loud, the things that are worrying you.

Intuitive Life Counselling services provides support, understanding and insights into daily life situations, exploring the issues, while working together, planning actions steps and positive thought patterns in a safe and relaxed environment.

People from all walks of life may require counselling services at one stage or another in their life. Counselling gives you the opportunity to speak to a professional in a calm and safe environment.

Life is full of challenges and cross roads and here at Central Coast Counselling we give you the right space to speak of your challenges and problems and guide you in the right direction. Speaking to a counsellor can sometimes be the thing you need to let go of the problems and frustrations that are getting you down, and move forward and start living the life you want to live.

We offer counselling services on the Central Coast for all ranges of people including teenagers.

Other services we offer include Spiritual Life Coaching,  a 90 day 1-2-1 program, Rise and Thrive; Purposely Redesign Your Life for 40+ women, Reiki Healing & Readings.

Teenagers – A Time Of Change & Growth

Adolescence is a vital stage of human development. Teenagers during this time are experiencing physical, psychological and identity changes; which can have varying impacts on their life. 

Some teenagers go through this stage with little to no issues, however, we are finding more and more teenagers in this modern world are struggling. Social media has changed our world, the internet has made the world much smaller and more access to information. This has had a huge impact on teenagers self-esteem, self-worth and relationships. Social media platforms mean teenagers have access to anything around the clock. They’re pressured into doing things that they’re not ready for or fully understand. Bullying is at times for some relentless and they are unable to break free from this.

We are seeing an increasing trend of teenagers who are having severe mental illnesses, eating disorders and problems with drug abuse. This can have lasting effects on their lives and stunt their growth if not properly addressed and managed.

Kate wants to support teenagers to live a more fulfilling life and be the best version of themselves through counselling, reiki healing and meditation. To empower them to find their happiness and meaning in their life. 


Reasons For Teenage Counselling

Stress & Anxiety

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Sometimes life can be stressful and we feel anxious, life feels insurmountable. Being able to open up to someone in a safe and confidential environment aids in reducing your stress levels.


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Do you have negative thoughts about yourself, feeling unworthy of others and have self doubts? Give me a call and I can help you with ways to boost your self image, confidence and see your true value.

Someone to Talk To

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Having a person who is not family or friends to offload onto is helpful. You are free to open up and talk about anything without judgement.

Job Loss or Change

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Losing a job or wanting to change careers can be stressful and difficult to navigate your way through. Make an appointment and we can collaborate a plan together.

Strained Relationships

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Are you in a marriage where you have lost connection with each other? Or you are struggling relating with your teenager? We can look at different strategies to get your relationship moving forward again and connecting.

Unsure About the Future

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Harmful Thoughts

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There are times when you may feel confused and not yourself, you may have thoughts of harming yourself. Talking to someone can help you untangle these thoughts and feelings so they make sense to you.

Self Empowerment

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Lost trust and faith in yourself, not running your own race? There are times when self-empowerment is buried because of self-doubt. Schedule an appointment and start to take back your power and makes changes you feel comfortable with to propel forward in life.

Isolation & Loneliness

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Feeling lonely and isolated at some point in your life is painful and scary. You may be feeling unsure and anxious about the future, by getting in touch I can support you to explore ways to start enjoying life again.

Counselling vs Intuitive Counselling

Intuitive Life Counselling is a little bit different in that regular counselling or seeing a psychologist. Intuitive life counselling is more of an in-depth exploration and discussion of the challenges that one faces, and the underlying causes. These sessions can regularly integrate a more spiritual approach and utilise mindfulness techniques to help you manage your issues. Intuitive life counselling tries to gain insight into your issues and create a positive plan to help mitigate your challenges. Our experienced intuitive counsellor often utilises spiritual practices such as meditation, mindfulness, crystals, clairvoyance, Bowen therapy and reiki healing to holistically improve your life.

Intuitive Life Counselling Teenage Services Central Coast

Intuitive Life Counselling provides a variety of services for Teenagers, including holistic healing. This includes: 

  • Counselling
  • Reiki Healing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Intuitive Readings

Every person is unique, and services need to be tailored to maximise effectiveness. 

Kate runs mindfulness classes for teenagers aged 13 and up. These classes will help adolescents to understand how mindfulness practices can help them work through various issues and manage stress. 

Intuitive Life Counselling Central Coast

Kate is passionate about supporting teenagers to enjoy their teenage years and to maximise potential. Kate is fully qualified and has had extensive experience assisting teenagers through their concerns and issues. 

Intuitive Life Counselling services provide support, understanding and insights into daily life situations, exploring the issues while working together, planning actions steps and positive thought patterns in a safe and relaxed environment. 

If you have concerns about your teenager or are one yourself, consider enlisting our teenage counselling Central Coast services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Counselling Confidential?

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During the initial contact the counsellor will be required to collect and record relevant personal information. This is kept highly confidential. Notes are taken during the session and kept confidentially.
All information will be kept confidential unless:
a) Subpoenaed by a court.
b) Information disclosed that places yourself or another at risk.
c) Your signed consent will be required before:
  • Discussing with another person such as parent, doctor or employer, or
  • Providing a written report to another professional agency, or
  • Referring to another agency

How Much and How Long Are The Sessions?

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The sessions last for an hour and the fee is $95:00.

How Do I Make Payment?

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 Eftpos facilities are available, cash or direct deposit prior to session. Please ask for account details. I do not send accounts for private clients.

Are referrals needed?

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No, referrals are not necessary. Phone and make a booking.

How Many Counselling Sessions Will I Need?

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This depends on your needs and the reason for coming to counselling. Everyone is different and placing a timeframe or estimated number of sesiions is unrealistic. We can discuss this further in your session.

Is There A Cancellation Fee?

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24 hours notice is required to cancel or re-schedule an appointment otherwise a fee is charged. This way another person needing that timeslot is able to book in.

Contact Me

Ask a question or book an appointment below. 

0452 410 506

Copacabana walk and talk and online.


Intuitive Life Counselling Services on the Central Coast

Intuitive Life Counselling Services the Central Coast region for your Counselling needs. We see people from the following Central Coast suburbs.


Arcadia vale
Avoca Beach
Bar Point
Bateau Bay
Berkeley Vale
Blue Bay
Blue Haven
Booker Bay
Budgewoi Peninsula
Buff Point
Bushells Ridge
Canton Beach
Cedar Brush Creek
Central Mangrove
Chain Valley Bay
Cheero Point
Chittaway Bay
Chittaway Point
Cogra Bay
Crangan Bay
Daleys Point
Daniel Island

Doyalson North
Durren Durren
East Gosford
Empire Bay
Erina Heights
Ettalong Beach
Forresters Beach
Glenning Valley
Glenworth Valley
Green Point
Hamlyn Terrace
Hardys Bay
Horsfield Bay
Kangy Angy
Killarney Vale
Killcare Heights
Kincumber South

Kingfisher Shores
Lake Haven
Lake Munmorah
Lemon Tree
Little Jilliby
Little Wobby
Long Jetty
Lower Mangrove
MacMasters Beach
Mangrove Creek
Mangrove Mountain
Mannering Park
Mooney Mooney
Mooney Mooney Creek
Mount Elliot
Mount White
Niagara Park
Norah Head
North Avoca
North Gosford
Palm Grove
Pearl Beach
Peats Ridge
Phegans Bay
Picketts Valley
Point Clare
Point Frederick
Pretty Beach
Rocky Point
San Remo
Shelly Beach
St Huberts Island
Summerland Point

Tacoma South
The Entrance
The Entrance North
Toowoon Bay
Tumbi Umbi
Umina Beach
Upper Mangrove
Wendoree Park
West Gosford
Woy Woy
Woy Woy Bay
Wyee Point
Wyong Creek